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1) There is to be no racism, homophobia, or sexism at all in the chat! Also, no religion is to be bashed or spoken of, just to keep out conflict. If you've got problems, keep them to yourself. If your character is this way, just be careful with it, please.

2) Respect every artist - regardless of skill level.

3) Absolutely NO GODMODDING and NO EXPLICIT CONTENT in the chatrooms or anywhere else. Let's keep it PG-13, and if not, slap a mature warning on it if it's art.

4)Keep swearing on the low, some people feel uncomfortable, also there might be younger viewers/members.

5) Respect the judgment of the founder and moderators!

6) Each person is allowed up to 3 characters, villains or heroes. Caps vary for the founder due to plot purposes.  If your character has something of a 'personal villain', and you always have your 3 characters, you may still rp them, but please note that your personal villain will never actually be in the club unless special permission is granted.

If there is any problems or any of these rules have been broken, please note the club and I will deal with it.

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