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System lovingly borrowed from Demigod-Rising with permission.

The Underground has a system set in place for those who wish to level up. Points will be rewarded from the point scale shown below for casual art, missions, and specialized missions. With these points, you will be able to either 'upgrade' your current super power, gain a new power, or a new character. This goes for both Heroes and Villains.

Members who were here before the revamp - the points will be given to the character of yours featured in the art. Points for art in which multiple of your characters are shown will be split up evenly between your characters UNLESS you specify in the artist's comments who you want the points to go to.

Points for Artwork
Sketch - 0
Lineart - 1
Colored - 2
Colored Busts/Headshots - 1
Colored Comic (2 Panels) - 3
Colored Comic (3-6 Panels) - 4
Colored Comic (7+ Panels) - 5
Writing - Points vary
Art with Bases - 0

It is possible that you receive more points depending on effort however!
Please note that extreme close-ups, solid black panels, copy pasted panels, only text panels and similar things will not be considered as full panels.

Leveling Rewards
Everyone enters at Level 1 - levels do not determine overall power - only how many superpowers you have. Every 15 points gets you a new level.

Level 1 = Beginning power only
Level 5 = Specialized gift from HQ leader
Level 10 = New Power
Level 15 = Another Specialized gift from HQ leader
Level 16 = New character (optional!)
Level 20 = New Power
Level 35 = New character (optional!)

Notify the club when you level up!
1. Wait until a mod tells you you have leveled up. This may be through  a comment on a club submission or a note.
2. Send a note to the club detailing your new power OR requesting your gift. Title the note "Name Level #" with "Name" being your character's name, "#" being the level you have reached, and "God" being your god parent. Be as descriptive as possible. (for example, "Mojo Level 15")
3. Edit your character sheet's written information with the approved power upgrade. Wait until a mod gives you an approval, though!

New Power Rules
-All new powers must be related to your initial one! You cannot enter controlling fire, and gain the skill to control ice. However, you can enter controlling fire, and then for example, gain the skill to control lightning. It must be related SOMEHOW.
-Second powers may have some similarity to powers already existing in the club. However, don't forget that everything has to be pre-approved.

Feel free to ask any questions.

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