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:pointr: Joining Procedure :pointl:

To join please submit your application to the club's 'Featured' folder with a colored drawing of your character (half-body AT LEAST. Full body preferred) and the following information:

Their superhero name kinda thing
Power -  Please give it a name, and describe how it works.

++ Please remember to include the above information in the artist's comments.

We will not accept base art for a character sheet.

Please also keep in mind that your character should be human with the exception of a few whose powers require them to not look human.  Characters should have unique powers.  If you need help looking for a power please see this page.  If you have any questions regarding elements, please comment on that page.

:pointr: Submitting Procedure :pointl:

Just submit your art to the featured folder. The moderators will accept your submissions and move them to the appropriate folders.

~*If you have any further questions regarding joining or submitting procedures, please send a note to the club. *~

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