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Dr. P.B. as he is known as, founded The Underground when he was in his late 30s.  He himself had been a person born with powers, and was shunned and kicked from his home as a young adult.  At the time, there hadn't been many people appearing with these powers and wasn't thought of as a big thing.  He continued with his life and ended up becoming a billionaire.  Over time he had noticed that the newer generations had spawned more kids with powers than before, many experiencing the same reaction that he got from his family, while others were put to death in some areas for having these abilities.  

After becoming rich he spent a lot of his time researching things about these powers.  He was able to hack into the system of some Laboratories that took in kids with powers and experimented on them.  It seemed that the 5th and final facility had an explosion and was reported to have killed everyone that had been inside.  Curious, Dr. P.B went to see for himself.  Upon arriving at the site and digging around a bit, he discovered a survivor.  He took the girl back home with him. After more research on these experimental facilities he decided to create the Underground, to make a sanctuary for the kids with powers, where they could learn to use and control them better. The Underground has been around for 4 years now. Dr. P.B. hopes to teach them forgiveness, that they may one day help the world and prove to it that they aren't something to be afraid of.

The Underground is a a sort of underground bunker underneath New York City, a a place of refuge for those who have powers and have been affected by the mind set of people.  Some of them have successfully escaped from the other Laboratories while other are just kids who had been abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets.  

The Underground was built with the highest end technology used in training sessions to help members learn to control and practice using their powers.  The Underground HQ building has a teleportation device that can send members out across the world to help people in need, be it from criminals, natural disasters or other people with powers, that have come to hold a grudge against the world.

Dr. P.B. is long gone now, but he has left the Underground in the care of that one survivor, 'Mojo.' She remains as a sort of guide to the heroes who arrive to the Underground, ensuring that everything will be okay and that they are safe now.

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