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Please read the following questions before asking any questions regarding the club.

1)  .... this sounds like _______ or _________....?

Hey, not much is original in this day and age.

2) Does my character have to where a spandex suit with underwear on the outside?

lol of course not, you can dress your character however you see fit.

3) Does my character have to have some tragic past or can they come from a more loving family?

They can come from any kind of family that you like.  ^^ We do ask that no more characters come in with ridiculous long names and such. We seem to have a lot of those.

4)  Does my character have to have a power?

No, while it is encouraged that your character have a unique power, they do not have to have one.  You just need to explain how they ended up in the Underground.  i.e..  perhaps you character had a sibling that had powers and ended up coming to the Underground with them....

5)  I saw that some one else had the power I wanted, is it still possible for me to have that power as well?

Everyone is to have a unique ability in the club. If you need help specializing from a general power, or getting a power in general, you are free to note the club.

6)  Can my character have more than one power?

Your character can gain new powers through leveling. Please read the Points and Leveling Up journal for further information on how to do this.

7) My character has a personal villain after that alright?
We are asking that less members come in with this, but yes, it's fine. You can even bring them in as a character if you wish, but remember that there is a 3 character max.

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