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:pointr: Missions :pointl:
When submitting a mission, title it M.1 (for Mission 1) and so on. Feel free to note the club with mission ideas!

Missions are fun activities, designed to inspire and challenge all of your artistic abilities.  Missions may be a single drawing, comic or story.

Mission #1
Well obviously most of you here joined because you had some interesting abilities. Why don't you show off a bit?

Mission #2
I'm sure you look cool when you fight and what not.  Show us your battle pose/face! Battle ready!

Mission #3
It seems a cafe in the Underground has gotten busier and is in need of some assistance.  Lend them a hand with your powers.  You can take orders, serve food, cook, clean or do whatever else you think may help out.

Mission #4  
It's always nice to have companions when sent out on a more serious mission.  Go out and meet some of the other members of the Underground.

Mission #5
There is a hostage situation in a bank located in  Los Angeles.  Take a transporter and go rescue the hostages and take out the bad guy.

Mission #6
Genderbend AWAAAAY!

Mission #7
Trade clothes with one of your friends in the Underground!

Mission #8
Crossover Mission! Draw your hero as another character from another fandom or however you think they would look in that fandom.

Mission #9
Bedroom Mission!
Everyone in the UH has a room in the Mansion! Is it clean? Messy? Matchy-Matchy or Random? Show us!

Mission #10
We all have family of some sort. Show us yours?

More missions to be added in the future! ~

:pointr: Objectives :pointl:
Objectives are for villains what Missions are to Heroes. Enjoy yourself with them!

Objective #1
You say you're evil? Prove it. Do something bad.

Objective #2
Black ski masks and striped sweaters are sooooo out of style. Show us your Villainous Duds.

Objective #3
Someone has slighted you, TAKE REVENGE! NOW!

More objectives to be added in the future! ~

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