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Xero-G by Underground-Heroes Xero-G by Underground-Heroes
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Submission by: *KeybladerNyaro

Name: Kain Darcy
Age: 21 (Mar. 13)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: ???
Alias: Xero-G
Power: Gravity (Kain has the ability to manipulate gravity using it to levitate himself, or others, or to use the force of gravity to pin down someone and even crush them.)

Bio: Kain was the son of a scientist who worked for the government. When Kain was 4 his father discovered about his powers and started working on a project called PROJECT CHAOS. Kain was given a dogtag with the words chaos I engraved on it.

Kain spent most of his life being experimented on and studied by his father and his colleagues. But when Kain was 18 his powers went out of control and he killed 5 scientists. At this time PROJECT CHAOS had 7 children that they were studying, including James Lysander.

One year later Kain killed his father and
left the facility. Though his father was gone the experiments continued.

Kain was bitter toward the world that shunned his kind. As a result he decided to take revenge on the society that cast out him and those like him.

Now Kain searches for other people with powers trying to corrupt them into taking revenge on the "normal world". This lead him to the Underground, in search of someone in particular.
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Submitted on
July 21, 2008
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