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Speedy Delivery by Underground-Heroes Speedy Delivery by Underground-Heroes
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Submission by: =Hamstertastic

Name: Hui-Liang Han
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: ???
Power: Speed
Can run at extremely high speeds, and doesn't even need to get a running start. She can be here and back in a flash, 3 seconds or so.
Alias: Speedy Delivery
Bio: Hui-Liang, ever since she was little loved to go fast. Whether it was in a car, or her stroller she was always demanding 'Faster, faster!' At Go-Karts with her friends, she was an ace and always needed to win, needed to feel that rush of speed. At the age of 10, during a track meet, she felt exceptionally tired, like she could run no more. She kept wishing and wishing that she could run faster than everyone, as fast as she could ever want, and when it came time for the next lap, she finished the mile loop in 20 seconds. Everyone found it ridiculous, impossible, and rumors started to circulate about her and her incredible speed. Her parents kept her hidden in the Chinese restaurant, and had her serve the tables, always quickly. Then they set her to be the Delivery person, as they saw that her strangely acquired power could help. The delivery was always boasted to be there in 10 minutes or its free, and the melas were never free due to her amazing speed. Rumors started to circulate yet again, and her parents sent her to the underground.
Personality: Hui-Liang is a very happy girl, generally. The thing about her is she has evil tendencies. Instead of helping people with her power, she likes to use it for own gain, playing pranks, and stealing things. Her parents never knew, so they never bothered to correct her. She has grownup believing that if you have a gift, you use it to your own advantage, as she does. She's very cocky, and a sore loser and winner. Her old friends say that used to be very kind and even shy when she was younger, but that kind Hui-Liang is gone now, or perhaps, just hidden inside. One would have to befriend her to find out.
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Submitted on
November 17, 2008
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