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Miss Mimic by Underground-Heroes Miss Mimic by Underground-Heroes
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Submission by: =Hamstertastic

Name: Delphine Wells
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Alias: Miss Mimic
Power: Mimicry
She can imitate any fellow superhero's power for a time limit of 15 minutes. She then needs a 10 minute resting period before being able to mimic another power. The powers she mimics are at full power.
Biography: Unlike most of the heroes at the Underground, Delphine has always had her powers, since birth. In fact, when she was born, she didn't look like herself. She had mimicked the appearance of her normal twin, a perfect blonde blue-eyed baby. Her parents loved her more than life itself, or so it seemed.

Once her hair color and eye color began to change, her parents were confused. And when she started to show strange behaviors, like being able to take on the appearance of people by mimicking them, they abandoned her at the age of 6, and left her with a close friend of the family's, who happened to be Daphne Wells's Grandmother. Her grandmother adopted the young girl and gave her the last name of Wells, and took her into the family. Thus, she became Daphne's older sister.

She worked with the family to perfect her mimicry powers, and although she had lost the ability to mimic the appearance of people, she could mimic Daphne's powers perfectly. After Daphne went to the Underground, Delphine started to feel lonely and alone, and begged to go with her sister, and the family allowed her.

Growing up, she met Nimue Blackwell and Amanda Black (Mojo) in school and they got along well, even if Delphine didn't speak to them too often. Mojo's habit of playing video games stuck to Delphine as well and she loves them terribly. For christmas one year, she was given an mp3 player, her most treasured possession, as it holds all her music, which she loves so much. She likes to play around with the music, and dance to it. To songs for Metal Gear and Brawl, which Mojo introduced to her, she likes to pretend to fight and sneak around.

Delphine, despite her age, can be very childish at time. Things like dolls and stuffed animals still draw her in and make her smile. She's shy, but friendly. She has mimicked her idol, her sister Daphne in the way she dresses and talks. She speaks eloquently and sometimes mysteriously, just like Daphne. However, this is not how she really speaks, and has to think it through so that she sounds just like her.

If you get to know her, Delphine would be a very loyal friend, and always kind. Always there to offer a smile. Otherwise, she seems kind of a strange, like a total shut-in, who doesn't know much about the world.
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Submitted on
January 18, 2009
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